About Maharaja Catering

Maharaja is London’s premier choice for event catering, focusing predominantly on Asian Weddings and celebrations. Equipped with a team of waiting staff the Maharaja experience is unparalleled, bringing a touch of class and finesse to the table.

Our staff are celebrated for their respectful and chivalrous nature, providing diners with a service that leaves them feeling like royalty. Sourcing local produce for all of our dishes our ethics and ethos can be located throughout the business, respectful and accommodating to all religions and faiths.

We have extensive experience catering for all types of Asian events for Muslims, Sikhs as well as Hindus. Whatever your faith or vision for the event, allow us to craft a bespoke menu that speaks to your guests, choosing dishes that you feel will best reflect you and your hopes for the occasion.

As a company we aim to be creative, providing a unique display of food that tantalise all taste buds. We like to think that our food has personality, using herbs and spices to bring each plate to life.

Orchestrating your event is our mission, ensuring that the meal is both beautiful in taste and flawless in presentation. If you wish to learn more about what Maharaja can bring to your event then be sure to get in contact and speak with a professional caterer.

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