Wedding Catering Services by Maharaja

At Maharaja we specialise in Asian wedding catering, bringing food to life through inventive methods. Infamous for our decorative displays of cuisine we have made a name for ourselves as being sophisticated yet impressive in our approach to wedding food.

Sikh Weddings - Maharaja cater for Sikh weddings.
Hindu Weddings - Hindu wedding catering services at Maharaja.
Muslim Weddings - Muslim wedding catering services.
Pre Wedding - Pre-Wedding party catering available.

With Asian weddings being such vivacious occasions it is important that the food follows suit, requiring a catering service that can tick all the boxes. With faultless service and world-famous gourmet food, Maharaja has been blessing wedding venues with astounding food for many years, evolving into a trusted brand that never fails to deliver. 

If you are in the process of planning your wedding reception then allow Maharaja to take your wedding from memorable to unforgettable.